Jørn Hansen

Mosesvinget 9


4330 Hvalsø

tlf: 38801484

Mobil: 26191484

Member of:
Danish Visual Artists
DBS:                                                                                                                                 Danish Sculptors Society
Vestsjællands Arbejdende Kunstværksteder

Yatoo-i Yatoo International Project
AININ Artists In Nature International Network
ISC The international sculpture center

“- just as we can see with our ears ….
we use the concept of soundscape!
– then also we must  have something
that can be perceived as music for the eyes! “

Wood is the most commonly used material, but also glass, driftwood and rusty metal elements are used.
It is the combination of these materials that designs, forms of expression and the purely physical processing, are explored new approaches and experiments.
 Window glass comes in various thicknesses, cut, broken, stacked, glued, and variously processed, to achieve lighting effects, facets, reflections and patterns.
Light is an important component of the work. Whether it comes to light reflections and interaction with the glass, -and sculptures’ surfaces, or when it takes on a more symbolic level.
Land Art is a second area where it is primarily the local nature and the natural materials and deposits found there, as are the challenges of location, interaction and expression. This applies both at home in Denmark and on assignments abroad.
It’s all about the organic things, their own built-in music. The inner life, which is found in everything from rocks in the shallows, cut through millennia, driftwood which has assumed the character of water, sand and weather, to the rusty and machined metal, wood grain and natural forms.
The sculptural shape and the materials’ surfaces -the meeting between the soft and hard and contrasts herein are equivalent instruments in the aesthetic expression.

Listen to the voice of the earth
to listen produce pictures in your mind
See changes in the planet
to see make sounds in your soul
Life is nature and nature is life
that is inspiration

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